My name is David Huntriss and I’m a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger/producer currently based in Bristol. I was born in Glasgow in 1991 and lived there for 12 years, growing up in a very musical housnumber 3 borderehold. During this time I played the cello, sang in many choirs including at church with my family, and eventually took up the trombone in 2001. In 2003 my family moved to Dorset and have lived there ever since. During my school education and teenage years down south I continued to sing and play trombone (after giving up the cello), taught myself the guitar and began to write music, played instruments and sang in several bands with friends, and during sixth form became interested in recording and music technology in general.

In 2010 I moved to Manchester where I lived and studied for 4 years. I first gained a MusB(hons) undergraduate degree in Music with a 2:1 from the University of Manchester, specialising in composition and solo performance on trombone, as well as studying and thoroughly enjoying harmony & counterpoint, arrangement, musical analysis, and orchestral conducting. I then gained an MA with distinction from the University of Salford in Music, on the ‘Interactive Music and Advanced Studio Production’ pathway, predominantly researching the role of music technology in modern composition and production, in particular the application of interactive music programs such as Max/MSP.

After graduating and leaving Manchester in 2014, I worked at Sherborne School in Dorset for a year as a music departmental assistant whilst on a choral scholarship at Sherborne Abbey, before moving to Bristol in late 2015 where I am now based. Since relocating, I have become part of several bands as either a trombonist, guitarist, keyboardist, or vocalist. I continue to compose, record, and produce music at home, either on my own or as part of other projects, as well as taking on ad hoc jobs such as arranging music for wedding quartets or composing for mobile phone games.


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