Arrangement & Transcription

If you would like me to arrange or transcribe anything for you, feel free to contact me through this website and I will be happy to help. Please scroll down for information and examples of my past work in this area.


Since studying arrangement techniques as part of my composition course at University, I have used these skills on several projects. Most recently, during Spring 2016, I completed two arrangements of pop songs for a wedding string quartet based in Dorset; Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ and Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ from the Twilight Saga films. There are samples of both these arrangements in the image gallery below.

I also have experience of choral arrangement and in 2015 I completed a close-harmony (TTBB) arrangement of Charles Stanford’s Magnificat in A for the Sherborne School Choir. I have uploaded three pages from this arrangement below as an example. Full versions of these arrangements are available on request for anyone who would like to use them. Below, under “Transcription”, are other examples of semi-arrangements I have completed recently.


Throughout my life I have been told I have a very good ear for hearing music and being able to imitate or write it down and I have found this has helped me to be a very proficient transcriber. Below are two examples of past transcriptions I have done.

The first is a transcription of the upright bass part from Frank Sinatra’s ‘It’s Only A Paper Moon’ I did for the Sherborne School Swing Band whilst working there in 2015, written out by ear from a recording on YouTube. It’s a slightly tricky recording and I used some artistic license at times when the bass part is unclear (see if I got it right or not).

Second is a transcription/arrangement for piano of a song titled ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ that I did for a primary school choir. It’s not an exact transcription as I was asked to arrange it so that an average standard pianist could play it and accompany the children, but again I listened to YouTube recording (I guarantee it will get stuck in your head) and wrote it out by ear.


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