I began writing songs when I started playing guitar back in 2004. Since then, I have written music as part of several bands, have released songs written on my own, and have written and recorded various songs for other projects. Scroll down to listen to some samples.


Below is my first ever full-length release of original material, [Re]collection, released digitally on 31/05/17 and available to buy on CD here. I did everything myself from writing and performing all the music to recording, mixing and mastering it too. The album features a wide variety of songs, from up-beat acoustic pop tracks to instrumental electronic ambient interludes, hopefully demonstrating the range of different styles I can write and produce music in.

I am currently in a band called The Malago Ballroom in which I play guitar and sing, as well as producing, recording, and writing songs. You can listen to some music by following the links on our Facebook page.

Below is a selection of tracks on my SoundCloud page; bits and pieces that I have written, peformed, recorded and/or produced. Feel free to (please do) have a listen!

Below is  a song I wrote in 2009 for my friend Milo Finnett (then Blass-Laker) as part of his campaign for sixth-form president in my school. I was aged 17 and wrote, performed and recorded everything on my own. For the verses, I wrote lyrics that outlined each element of Milo’s campaign, aiming to create a musical manifesto. Not necessarily a result of this song, Milo ended up winning the election and being voted in as president.


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