Production & Recording

I first began experimenting with sound recording as a child, being the proud owner of a portable Fisher-Price tape recorder/player. As a teenager I then became obsessed with multi-tracking, experimenting with basic equipment at home and eventually taking the A level Music Technology course in my final years of school. I loved learning the essential techniques of recording and production and won the Music Technology prize in my final year, as well as being told by my teacher that I had an exceptional ear for mixing. After school I continued home-recording as a hobby before starting my MA in Interactive Music and Advanced Studio Production. Since then I have experimented with different techniques of recording and production in electronic genres, rock/pop and acoustic music, as well as exploring interactive music programming using Max/MSP software. I now have a modest home studio set up and continue to record my own music as well as currently working on music for other projects.

Below is a 3-track electronic ‘ep’ titled Xibalba that I completed for my MA final project. I wrote/performed/recorded/produced each track and was exploring the application of Max/MSP in modern musical production, especially with regards to designing unique plug-ins and effects as well as using Max as a digital scratchpad to inspire original sound creation.

Below is my first ever full-length release of original material, [Re]collection, completed and put out via Bandcamp on 31/05/17. I recorded, produced, mixed and mastered everything myself in the various places I lived between about 2009 and 2017. I enjoyed exploring ways of producing stripped-back arrangements and musically simple songs in contrast to the dense production techniques I used on the above electronic tracks. You can have a listen and free download by visiting my Bandcamp page below.

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