For Multimedia

Aside from song-writing and composing classical music, I love to write music for other art forms by combining these two different styles of composition. So far, I have written and recorded/produced music utilising electronics, sequencing and production techniques to accompany film, live theatre, and video games. Below are examples of some music I have written in collaboration with other artists.

Back Seat Betty – 2014

In 2014, as part of a project my masters degree, I collaborated with playwright/director Joshua Val Martin in creating a single-performer play called Back Seat Betty, at the time under working title The Evil. I composed music, ambient textures and sound effects to interact live with the actor who I performed alongside, playing pre-recorded audio files and triggering samples on my laptop using the program Max/MSP. The completed play has since been performed at various UK venues as well as winning the Greater Manchester Fringe Award for Best Drama and the LOST One-Act Theatre Festival award for Best Play. I also arranged music composed for the play into a soundtrack which you can listen to below via my soundcloud page.

Snowy Jump – to be released

At the beginning of 2016, I met Indonesian videogame developer/visual animator Damas Nawanda and worked with him on the demo of a Christmas-themed videogame for Android phones under the working title ‘Snowy Jump’. I composed a theme tune to loop during gameplay and a variation on this theme to loop during the game menu screen. The game will be released for download later in 2016 and you can listen to my music below.


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